They've finally landed, 3 new flavours for you to try in the range, and we think they're some of the best yet. Firstly, and our favourite, is the new Apple Crumble flavour energy gel. Great for a quick boost when you're out riding. As with all the other Torq energy products there's no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners so it tastes great. The light texture of all the Torq gels ensure they aren't to thick and gloopy so they're nice and easy to swallow. These are now in stock so, come down to our Newbury store and give one a try or order online. For that extra energy boost we also stock the Torq gels with Guarana (caffeine), and they come in two great flavours 'Banoffee' and 'Forest Fruits'. We are also selling these as boxes of 20 too with a 10% discount.

Apple Crumble

Next up is the new Blackcurrant flavour energy drink. A great addition to the already solid line-up of Torq energy drink flavours. The Torq energy drink, as with all Torq energy products, contains only natural flavours with no artificial colours or sweeteners which means they taste great. The energy drinks also include 5 key electrolytes as well as the optimal carbohydrate blend (2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose), to ensure you stay hydrated as well as energized, even for the longest rides. The energy drink is available in single serve sachets so if you fancy trying a few flavours you can without committing to a large quantity. Once you've found your favourite all flavours are available in a 500g and 1.5kg option.


Finally we have the new Recovery drink flavour, Cookies & Cream. Functionally it's the same as the other recovery drinks in the range, refuelling and repairing muscles after heavy exercise and long training sessions. Again it contains nothing artificial so it tastes great, and after trying some we think the new Cookies & Cream flavour is the best out there, and it's going to take some beating. The new Cookies & Cream flavour is so incredibly moreish you'll be looking forward to your next training session just to have more! As with the energy drinks, the recovery drinks are available in either 500g or 1.5kg option.

Cookies & Cream

No new flavours in the Torq energy bar line-up this time round. However we've got all of the flavours in stock and as with the gels we're offering them individually, or as a box of 24 with 10% off.